Milky Way

Both of them were sitting in two opposite corners of the room. None wanted to leave their seats. Two worlds were unfolding  simultaneously in the two corners of the room.

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A Lovestory.
He tried to look at her face, expressionless, yet he felt fireworks. The cool air was brushing her cheeks still they were red, erupting like an angry volcano, her hairs strands waving helplessly, full of will to live, but her eyes were obstinate, fixed on the sun as if she was ready to dive in the endless depths of it. Maybe she was really. He wondered. He couldn’t look away.


The Bird Story


Relationships are like nests. They are made up of twigs of trust, honesty, love, dedication, laughter shared, moments cherished and reside on the tree of destiny.

A Nest is a Dream.

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Particular Person

“A particular person that you hate the most?”

Lisa thought of the name that she always says when question of hatred comes to her. But she waited this time. She thought again. Does she hate him really?

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